Comparison: Assault Bike vs Rowing Machine

assault bike vs rower

Do I need an assault bike or a rowing machine?

If you are interested in working out or fat burning, you already know assault bikes or rower is an excellent equipment for that purpose.

But if you are looking for one for your home gym or a small apartment, you might be in a situation you have to pick one between them.

Yes, that is a challenging task picking between two very good, but different exercise equipment.

Don't let that stop you from moving forward for a healthier life.

Home Gym Mania took the time to research what are the key differences and similarities between the two machines.

So you can pick whatever fits most for your need. Let's dive in!

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What are the differences between an air bike and a rower?

1. Target Muscle Group

The main difference between the two machines is the target muscle group difference. The assault bike is similar to a stationary bike, but with moving handles.

While the stationary bike's main target muscle is mainly the lower body, the assault bike's target muscle is the full body.

The rowing machine is also very effective equipment for a full-body workout, but more focused on the upper body.

Your leg is surely involved in the rowing workout, but as rowing is based on the 'pulling' movement, the main target muscle group is the upper body.

2. Consumed Calories

Both machines are very effective calory burning equipment. In the gym, it is not difficult for you to see people working out on an air bike or rower who are all sweaty and panting like crazy.

But in terms of calory burning, the assault bike is superior. That is only because of rowing's pull and go-back system, your muscle is resting while you go back to starting position.

With an air bike, you don't have any rest time, by pushing and pulling with arms and pedaling with legs, you can burn your fat non-stop.

3. Size

Yes, both machines will take up quite a chunk of space from your home gym. When you put both machines side by side, rowing will take up more space because it is long.

But most rowing machines are foldable, so with the rowing machine, you can save some space while you are not working out.

Key Differences between Assault Bike and Rowing Machine

Assault Bike

Rowing Machine

Target Muscle Group


Full-Body, but more focus on upper body

Consumed Calories




Bigger, but foldable

What are the similarities between an assault bike and a rower?

1. Low impact workout for weak joint

This is the most important feature of both machines.

Either of them is an excellent machine for lower-impact workouts for people with weak joints or who try to recover from injuries.

It is great for rehab purposes and also for lower-intensity workouts for seniors with weak joints.

2. Effect

Both machines are good not only for a cardiovascular workout but also for training muscle endurance.

With the improved cardiovascular ability and toned muscles, you will be ready for even harder workouts.

3. The harder your work, the bigger the resistance

The system of both machines is very similar.

The harder you push or pull or pedal, you will face more resistance.

That makes these two machines good for not only cardio but also HIIT(HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING).

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Home Gym Mania's Pick

Either assault bikes or rowers are excellent machines for cardio/fat-burning purposes. Both machines have lots of similarities.

Both of them are lower-impact workout equipment, effective for not only cardio but also HIIT, and the harder you work, the bigger the resistance will be.

But at the same time, both have key differences like a target muscle group, burning calories, and the size of the machine.

Go with an Assault Bike

- If you prefer a non-stop fat-burning workout
- If you have more space
- If you also want a full-body workout

ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic

Go with a Rowing Machine

- If you prefer a rhythmical workout
- If you have less space and need to save space by folding equipment
- If you also want more upper-body workout

Concept2 RowErg Indoor Rowing Machine

Assault Bike

5 / 5

ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic

For Full-Body Workout

Continuous Workout

Low Impact Workout

Not Foldable

Rowing Machine

5 / 5

Concept2 RowErg Indoor Rowing Machine

For Full-Body Workout, but more focus on upper body

Rhythmical Workout

Low Impact Workout

Foldable-Space Saving


Q1. Which burns more calories air bike or the rower?

You can burn calories effectively with both machines. Both workout machines are good to burn calories.

If you want to burn more calories faster, the air bike is slightly superior as it does not give you resting time like rowing.

Q2. Does the assault bike build muscle?

You can build and tone your muscle with the assault bike.

With an assault bike, the harder you work you will face more resistance.

Because of this, it builds and tone muscles more effectively than a regular stationary bike.

Q3. Is rowing good for getting ripped?

Rowing is an excellent full-body workout even though it engages more upper-body muscles.

You will get ripped by steadily using a rowing machine.