9 Forearm Exercises You can do from Home

forearm exercises at home

Forearms are one of the most often neglected body parts. People will work out their biceps, triceps, and the rest of the pecs and back but forget about their forearm muscles. Many people don't even know these muscles exist. The muscles help in daily tasks like holding things, opening doors, and typing. With so many forearm workouts to choose from, there is no excuse not to get stronger and improve your hand movement. Here are nine different exercises that target your forearm muscle group.

1. Farmer Carries

Farmer carries work your forearms and grip. Hold a barbell or dumbbell with straight arms keeping your chest out. Pick up the load and walk for a long distance. You can set up cones or objects to carry over. Hold the weight in front of your face rather than at your sides. This position is easier on the forearms and grip. Your forearms get a more vigorous workout when you bring them closer to your body with a heavier weight. Keep your back straight to avoid compressing your lower back. After you master the farmer carries, try picking up a pair of weights and walking with them.

2. Dumbbell Wrist Flexion and Extension

This excellent exercise targets the extensor and flexor muscles of the forearms. Make sure you have a firm grip on the dumbbell. Stand up straight and keep your back straight for better form. Bring the weight down, then back up to full extension. Be careful not to over-extend your arm, or you may hurt your elbow. When performing this exercise, you should feel the resistance in your forearm muscles. Inhale as you bring it down, and exhale as you extend it back up. You will feel a slight pull in your forearm muscles. Be careful not to swing or rock to avoid hurting your back.

3. Dumbbell Reverse Curl

This exercise is also known as forearm curls. It targets the muscles at the base of your palm. You can do this exercise sitting or standing. Rest a dumbbell or weight in your hand. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and not holding the weight too tightly. Make sure the arm and weight hang naturally on one side of your body. Bring it to shoulder height or extend it until your arm is straight out in front of you. Before you start, ensure your elbow is slightly bent and your forearm hangs loosely. Now turn your palm up and curl the weight up towards your shoulder. Be careful not to twist or swing the weight. Your trainer or instructor should show you the proper form.

4. Zottman Curl

This forearm workout gets your forearms in shape fast. Hold a heavy weight or barbell with straight arms in front of your thighs. Your back should be straight, and you should look forward. Curl the weight up to your shoulders, keeping your elbows out to the side of your body. When curling the weight, try not to swing or rock from side to side. Try to keep your elbow and forearm muscles tight to your body. Bring the weight up until your forearm is extended at a 90-degree angle, then lower it back down. Repeat the movement for 12 reps before taking a short break. Start with a lighter weight until you get the hang of it.

5. Towel Kettlebell Curl

Wrap a towel around the handle of a kettlebell to add resistance. Hold the weight in your hand with your arm hanging by your side. Make sure you are holding onto the handle while keeping the weight stable. Your elbow should be slightly bent and your forearm hanging loose. Now stand up straight and bring the weight up with your hand facing forward, so it is at shoulder level or higher. Keep your forearm muscles tight to avoid swinging or straining yourself when bringing it up.

6. Sphinx Pushups

Hold a weight or barbell in front of you, and keep your chest and back straight. Raise your body until your arms are locked in place at eye level. Your elbows should be slightly bent, and your forearm muscles tight to your body. Press the weight up until it is at a 90-degree angle above your head, then lower it back down. Try doing 20 reps for three sets before taking a short break. Do not lock your elbows as you drop the weight, or you may hurt yourself. Make sure to keep your body in line with the weight.

7. Cable Row

This exercise targets the pronator and supinator muscles in your forearms. Make sure you have a firm grip while holding onto the pulley cable. Your body should be slightly bent, with your knees slightly bent. Tie up long sleeves to avoid getting hurt while doing this exercise. Your back should be straight as you bring the weight to your chest level or higher. Your elbow should be slightly bent, and your forearm muscles tight to your body. You should feel your forearm muscles working when you bring the weight up. When you lower the weight, you should feel a gentle resistance in your forearm muscles.

8. Wrist Rollers

This exercise targets the muscles at the base of your palm. Hold one roller behind your back with your elbow bent. The weight should hang down with your forearm tight to the forearm roller. Extend it with a straight arm until the weight is in front of you, then lower it back down. You do not need to lock your elbow as you bring the weight up or down. The rollers should be under slight tension as you are lifting. Try to keep your forearm muscles tight together. You can also use two rollers on the one hand.

9. Three-Way Chin-Up Hold

This exercise targets your pronator and supinator muscles. Take a narrow grip on the chin-up bar. The closer your hands are to each other, the more complex the exercise will be. Try this first with one hand, keeping the other hand behind you. You can also try it with both hands touching or slightly apart, as shown in this picture. Depending on your strength level, you can hold onto weight or dumbbell while doing this exercise to add resistance. During the exercise, you should be surrounded by a slight tension as you hold the weight or barbell. Your body should face forward with your knees slightly bent. Keep your back straight and look forward as you pull yourself up.


Fitness exercises should be done regularly to ensure you get the most from them. These forearm exercises are a great way to keep things interesting and help you improve your workout routines.

You will notice a significant improvement in the muscle tone in your forearms by doing these exercises regularly. These workouts require little or no equipment. You can do them practically anywhere, and they will not take long to complete.

They are easy to modify and do not require much time or thought. You can choose the exercises that best fit your strengths and weaknesses or do them all in one workout to challenge yourself.

If you are interested in forearm strengthener, check out our top 5 forearm workout equipment.

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